Our premium technical training services are proven. Since 2013 we have worked with hundreds of players of all ages and levels, Beginners to Professionals. Our services are the perfect supplements to any players schedule. Our methods are enjoyable, effective, unique and improves players love for the game! 

We tailor for each and every player improving their strengths, while progressing with weaknesses. Every player is made up differently, with different attributes and tendencies therefore when working with us each player will have a very unique experience. Whether that be working with us through Online training fcftrainer.com, Face to Face services or both together. 

What makes us special is we truly care for each player. We do everything in our power to not only develop footballers, but more importantly great people.



  • Ball Manipulation

Master the ball, Master your game. To be the best player you can be, you have to be comfortable in possession. Practice in tight situations then when in space, the game will be much easier.

  • Dribbling, 1v1 Skills & Safe Side

Become confident driving into space. Learn how to use efficient skills that will allow you beat players and create space with ease. Dribble with both feet and protect the ball.

  • Passing & Receiving

The most important part of the game. Our drills don’t only focus on passing and receiving but will help improve your body position, weight of touch, angle & direction of touch, backfoot/frontfoot reception and receiving difficult balls.

  • Striking 

Striking is a massive part of the game. Being a consistent striker of the ball will allow you to execute accurate passes and help you finish in situations you never thought were possible. Our breakdowns give you step by step instructions on how to proficiently execute each technique.

  • Finishing 

Apply your striking in realistic finishing situations, become composed and confident in-front of goal. Our finishing drills are realistic and incorporate various parts of your game so you can be clinical no matter what situation you find yourself in on game-day.

  • Scanning & Awareness 

Complete passing drills proficiently to begin with, then lets focus on your scanning and awareness. The more aware you are, the easier the game will become. Allowing you to make informed decisions, incorporating scanning and awareness into your training is a very important part of what we do.

  • Positional Specific 

Work on drills specific to your roles and responsibilities on game-day. This is a great way to get more repetitions in, become more consistent and efficient in your role.

  • Mental Skills

Maximise your potential. We believe that mentality is the most important thing for success in football but more importantly life.  

  • Fast Feet, Co-ordination and Balance

Become more Co-ordinated, balanced and speed your feed up. Then all aspects of your game will improve. The more co-ordinated you are without the ball, the more confident you will be with the ball. All drills will help with these things!

  • Fitness 

This is an indirect result of our services, become sharp on and off the ball with technical training. Our sessions are high intensity and most sets are short durations, similar to HITT (high intensity interval training). Our trainings will help you become more dynamic and explosive than you've ever been!



Dylan Stansfield

Founder & Director 

Dylan is the countries leading technical coach, working with the most dedicated and professional players. His motivation to start FCF Training came from his love of technical and individual training. Now balancing his time on the field with running FCF TRAINING. Dylan has played National League, at an U17 World Cup and in the Northern Premier League. Scoring over 70 Career goals and registering as many assists in 120+ appearances.

📧 [email protected] 

Jason Mckeown 

Head Technical Trainer

Jason is very passionate about developing players, whilst ensuring they maintain their love of the game. Technical training with a skilled coach is something Jason would have loved to attend as a youngster. Jason knows how crucial it is to be a confident ball player, and how to achieve it. Playing 200+ NRFL games, winning league titles and the Chatham Cup. 

📧 [email protected]

Daniel Semp 

Technical Trainer

Daniel is a experienced and qualified technical trainer and with a Oceania C licence to his name. Prior to joining FCF TRAINING Daniel has been delivering 1on1 and Small group coaching sessions to dozens of players, many for multiple years. Previously Daniel has coaching experience working at various schools, high profile clubs and academies. Daniel currently plays for Waitakere City in the NRFL Premier division.

📧 [email protected]

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