We put you in control of your football development


Want to become a better player? Are you unsure how to train and what you need to work on?  Are you a beginner wanting to grasp the basics? Are you competitive player looking to develop your weaknesses and evolve your strengths?

We offer a personalised individual training experience which through the application of our concepts, techniques and superior training methods have been proven to help players improve all aspects of their game.  

We provide services to players of all ages and levels Beginners, Professionals and all levels between. With over 400 players mentored and more than 5000 sessions completed since 2013.

We're here to:

  • Deliver enjoyable trainings that complement your current schedule
  • Develop technically proficient players
  • Help players understand how to make informed, intelligent decisions
  • Push Individuals to their mental and physical capacities
  • Develop weaknesses and evolve strengths
  • Educate players on crucial concepts and techniques that they can apply that improve performances
  • Give players informative feedback and in-depth attention to detail

Improve your:

  • Ball Manipulation & Close control
  • Balance, Co-ordination, Speed, Agility and Quickness
  • Passing, Receiving and Body Position
  • First touch 
  • Receiving Difficult balls
  • Awareness, Scanning & Decision Making
  • Striking Techniques 
  • Skills and influencing opponents
  • Safe Side (how to keep the ball when under pressure)
  • Finishing
  • 1v1 Defending & Attacking
  • Mental skills 
  • Positional Specific Variations

""The attention to detail, coaching pointers and drills are next level! I cannot recommend them enough, if you're looking to improve and gain a competitive advantage on their peers you need to get in touch with them"."

Sam Brotherton
North Carolina FC & All Whites

""Defining technique with Dylan has seen huge improvements in Sharons skill base, consistency and accuracy which has created confidence and a further love for the beautiful game we cannot thank Dylan enough." "

Teina Tomokino
Parent of Sharon

""Firstclass Football Training has really taken my game and sharpness to new levels. The training standard and intensity is unbelievable, I wish I was involved with this when I was younger!"​​"

Adam Mitchell
Professional Footballer & All Whites

""Dylan’s positive energy and style is combined with excellent technical knowledge and has really helped me significantly improve my all-round football ability. Each session is different but based on a repeated structure"."

Harry Bark
NZ Youth International

"What makes Dylan and his team special is they cares for each individual player. We highly recommend FCF Trainings coaching and training methods if you're looking for an Individual Coach"

Todd Mckenlay
Parent of Finn

"Coach Dylan is an absolute baller with the ability to transform players with slight technical tweaks. It’s crazy how one session and his next level advice is able to help me on the field. Love the sessions and the service"

Harjot Singh

Dylan Stansfield


With years of individual football coaching experience, Dylan without a doubt is New Zealand’s most recognised 1v1 coach.

To date he has individually coached, mentored and guided more than 350 competitive players. Dylan’s motivation to start FCF Training came from his love of training individually, which gave him the best chance of achieving his own footballing goals. While struggling with knowing WHAT to practice and how to train and crucially what he needed to do in order to translate training to improvements on game-day.

Dylan has now devoted his career to Firstclass Football Training. While him and his team of coaches balance Individual Coaching and playing Semi-Professionally. Dylan is a recognised goalscorer who’s played as a youth international and has been established as a National League player since 2012 (as a 18 year old) playing primarily as a Centre Forward. He has also excelled playing in the Northern Premier League, scoring over 65 Career goals and registering as many assists in just over 100 Northern league appearances.

Email: [email protected] 


Jason Mckeown 

Individual Coach

Jason has been coaching and mentoring footballers since 2006. He is very passionate about developing the technical ability of young players to a high level whilst ensuring they maintain their love of the game through a fun and positive learning environment.

Individual training with a skilled coach is something Jason would have loved to attend during his development as a player as he understands the importance of working on yourself outside of team training. Firstclass Football training offers this service at the highest standard, and is why Jason has dedicated his career to joining the team. 

Debuting in the NRFL at 15yrs of age as a midfielder, Jason knows how crucial it is being a confident ball player, and how to achieve it.

Jason is a left/central midfielder, has played over 200 NRFL games, winning numerous league titles and the Chatham Cup. He has also played at National League level and been involved in NZF age group squads.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 022 0256816


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