Do you want to be the best player you can possibly be? But are you unsure how to individually practice, what is beneficial for you to work on to complement your team trainings?
Becoming a technically proficient player will allow you to be more confident in possession, Express yourself, enjoy the game and allow focus on awareness and decision making and understanding of the tactical side of the game, as your technical foundation is will be.
We don’t believe this can be done in a 7 day course of in a one off 8 week training block, we believe that development is ongoing and as soon as you achieve your current goals, make new more ambitious ones.  
That’s why we’ve developed FCF TRAINER to be your ongoing Personalised Individual Football coach, to help you improve all technical aspects of your game. As it’s not your team coaches responsibility to help you improve technically, it’s yours. If you’re serious about achieving your footballing goals, you have to be dedicated to working on your game in your own time. Then the FCF TRAINER is just the thing you need.
This app is made for INDIVIDUAL PRACTICE so no need to rely on:
❌ Training partners
❌ Friends to practice with you
❌ Coaches to help
All you need is:
✅ You!
✅ A football every drill can be done with just one football, but for striking and finishing drills 4+ balls are ideal
✅ Cones
 FCF Training APP



This app is designed to educate you, on how to individually train and what to work on. The app introduces each part of your game and discusses concepts and coaching pointers in-depth. We recommend watching these prior to completing drills. We believe that understanding how to train and what pointers to focus on is just as important than the drill itself.


Our Model is focused on your progress! Send video footage of your training and playing, track your progress and track your results. To get the most out of your training our model is focused on control, then quickness. So get comfortable with the drill then complete the exercise as quickly as you can.


The app is designed to work  with your currently training schedule, as you will be working on different things than you frequently practice in team training sessions. Take your development into your own hands and start working on all parts of your game along with in your team environment.


We believe in both Quality and Quantity of training, follow your individual coaches pointers and concept introductions. When you become more confident focus on your intensity and quickness, then watch your game take to the next level!


Upon sign up you’ll receive an email asking you to complete a registration, from the information and footage provided our team will deliver you 4X COMPLETELY PERSONALISED individual training sessions. After you complete each block of trainings you’ll be asked to send through your feedback and footage of your individual training or games and with that information we will deliver your next sessions.


We believe in structuring your training into parts, this will allow you focus all of your effort and energy into few segments of your game at each time. Working on specific parts will allow you to get more focused results, then put all the aspects of your game together in your team trainings and matches you’ll notice the difference of focused training


Choose your own path, either complete individual drills (10-15 minutes each) or complete one of your completely personalised training sessions (40-50 minutes). After registering you will always have access to our complete Drill bank. You then will have the freedom to follow your PERSONALISED session plans while having access to the drill bank.


Our drills, concepts, coaching pointers and trainings have been proven to help players progress over and over again.. We have delivered more than 5000+ individuals sessions with with more than 300+ players of all ages and levels. Through our experiences we understand exactly how to cater individual sessions towards players at all levels and ages.


New drills added every single month and we have an exciting list of updates too. Give us your feedback, as all we want to do is make the FCF TRAINING APP the best we can, so it can helps you be the best you can be.


Fast Feet, Coordination and Balance

Become more Coordinated, balanced and speed your feed up. Then all aspects of your game will improve. The more coordinated you are without the ball, the more confident you will be with the ball.

Ball Manipulation

Master the ball, Master your game. To be the best player you can be, you have to be comfortable in possession. Practice close control in tight situations then when you have space the game is much easier. This element is an essential part of our individual trainings as it’s something not often practiced in team situations.

Dribbling, Skills & Safe Side

Become confident driving into space. Learn how to use efficient skills, match realistic skills that will allow you beat players and create space with ease. Dribble with both feet and so you can protect the ball and keep possession for your team.

Passing & Receiving

The most important part of your game. Our drills don’t only focus on how to pass and receive but introduce the fundamentals of body position, the angle of your touch, backfoot reception, scanning front-foot reception and teach you how to receive difficult/awkward passes.

Various Striking Techniques

We believe that learning 3x different techniques using both feet are crucial to work on and will help you execute longer more accurate passes and help you finish in situations you never thought were possible. Our breakdowns give you step by step instructions on how to proficiently execute the technique, so you can apply the various techniques in match situations.

Finishing Drills

Apply your striking techniques in realistic finishing situations, become composed and confident in-front of goal. Our finishing drills are realistic and incorporate various parts of your game so you can be clinical no matter what situation you are put in on game-day.

Scanning & Awareness Exercises

Complete the exercises with control and quickness to start, then focus on your scanning and  awareness. The more aware you are, the more opportunity you have of making more informed decisions! Incorporate scanning into your drills and work on your awareness and decision making outside of team situations.

Release date scheduled for July 2019


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